Your sex life is your life

Be the sex you want to see in the world: Turned {on} tip #23

Sex is your power source. Don’t hide it in the basement. Make sex a public conversation.

Model for those around you that it can be safe to talk about sex in a new way. Leave behind the complaints and the “I can top that” mentality. Go deeper. Open up a conversation around how sex affects your life. How it generates energy, feeds the desire for connection, nourishes and hydrates you. Remember: your sex life is your life. Whatever state it is in—I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m too tired, he doesn’t turn me on anymore, it’s just good enough—that is the state you are living in.

Ask your friends about their sex lives. Open a conversation with your mom. Talk about sex at a coffee shop, loud enough that the next table can hear. Write about it in your blog. Find articles about it on the web and leave thoughtful, intelligent, turned-on comments. There is no time to lose. The world is relying on you to drive us toward the next level of consciousness. The first step? Bring sex—the source of our power—out of the darkness and into the light. Live it openly, share it with others, and be the version of it you want to see all around you.