You’ve heard about the pay gap. What about the orgasm gap? by Wendy Tuohy

You’ve heard about the pay gap, but what about something sex researchers say is “an inequity that’s just as serious” … the female orgasm gap.

Seventy two per cent had been with a partner who climaxed but didn’t attempt to help them get there, 95 per cent of women (aged 18 to 40) said their partner had an orgasm most or every time they had sex, while only 57 per cent women said they had an orgasm most or every time.

Commentators have concluded that, as Professor England’s 2009 survey of more than 12,925 women highlighted: female pleasure is still not a priority.

Around the time of Prof England’s research, men and masculinity writer Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland, speculated male psychology on female orgasms is comparable to their stance on housework: “Men don’t pull their weight on either front because no one makes them.” …