The Ultimate Sensual Magic Wand

From The Technology of Orgasm by Rachel P Maines, p. 63-64

[Jeanne] Warner thinks it likely that female orgasm in coitus is substantially overreported owing to women’s tendency to say what their husbands and doctors want to hear, and she adds:

“Another factor in the denial of lack of female orgasm has to do with a male bias for phallic stimulation. Although hard data on the relationship between mode of stimulation and female response are lacking at present, the literature conveys a strong impression that the penis is not the most effective means of producing a maximal level of arousal and response for a woman. Those male authorities who advocate the superiority of emotional orgasms in women [“peaks of feeling”] suggest that whatever provides the greatest satisfaction for the male should also provide the greatest pleasure for the female. It is not easy for any woman, professional or otherwise, to suggest that the culturally ingrained symbol of “manhood” is not the ultimate sensual magic wand.