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With an astonishing 18% of us women never experiencing the pleasure of an orgasm and only 33% orgasming through sex isn’t it time we experimented a bit more when it comes to our orgasm selection. If you stick to the principle find what works for you and stay with it and you could be missing out on a whole world of pleasure and satisfaction.

Here are a few ideas to start you off.

Clitoral orgasm
Clitoral stimulation is the guaranteed method for bringing most women to climax and with good reason. Did you know that 75% of orgasmic women need their clitoris directly stimulated to get their ultimate pleasures,” Even women who can have orgasms from penetrative sex, are only orgasmic as a result of the mans pubic bone banging on her clitoris. In short, it’s the nerve centre of female pleasure.

Solo: Try this Rock your pelvis forward and squeeze your vaginal muscles then release and repeat while masturbating.” Combining muscle tension with muscle relaxation makes for an almost out-of-body orgasm experience.

Multiple orgasms
The phrase ‘Multiple orgasm’ is misleading. An orgasm is something that you need to build up to , they don’t come automatically one after another. Often women count each aftershock of pleasure as an orgasm which is really just an autonomic reflex that followed the orgasm she just experienced. One great orgasm can be equally mind-blowing as a series of smaller ones but if it’s quantity you’re after…

Solo: Try to take yourself to orgasm slowly, but don’t rush towards the end. Start by using your fingers and when you orgasm continue touching yourself, but lighten the pressure a little. The actual orgasm is the release of tension, so you need to build the tension again in order to have another one. You can take it further by using a vibrator to re-build that tension. Increase the vibration settings to let your orgasms roll on and on with only exhaustion to limit you.

Orgasms through tension
We are talking the kind of orgasm that is about muscle tension. It’s easy just remamber – clench, unclench. A tension orgasm is about tensing your muscles tight and having a fast, powerful orgasm. The best thing about this orgasm is that, like any exercise, it just takes a bit of practice to perfect it.

Solo: Use a slim vibrator, this lets you grab it using your vaginal muscles. A bigger vibrator is difficult to clench, so use a smaller sex toy to practice squeezing, remember like any other muscles, vaginal muscles get stronger and stronger muscles equal stronger grip which in turn gives more intense orgasms. To give an extra bite to a tension orgasm, squeeze hard and fast and you’ll come quicker than usual.

Relaxed orgasm
The opposite to tension is relaxation. Some things are better when you take time over them. The longer you spend building up to an orgasm, the more powerful and longer lasting it will be. A relaxation orgasm you are not moving or tensing any of you muscles. You lie still just waiting for the pleasure to happen.”

Solo: “Imagination and breathing are key here. You will need to create a fantasy that will keep your mind fully lost in the pursuit of pleasure. Tense your vaginal muscles, then relax them, but do it slowly. If you’re using your fingers, be gentle. You are savouring the build-up relaxed and lost, you want it to last for ever so it’s not to be rushed.This is more thinking your way to and orgasm using the power of your mind – difficult but worth the extra work.