Spinal Cord Stimulator

A North Carolina-based doctor claims to have found a new way to treat female sexual dysfunction, especially female orgasmic disorder, reports a prominent US news channel.

According to NBC, some years back anaesthesiologist Dr Stuart Meloy came to know that spinal cord stimulators could be used to help sexually dysfunctional women climax. The unanticipated invention was surprising to him because the device was a standard chronic pain reliever.

The woman Dr Meloy was treating moaned in sexual pleasure, later asking him to “teach (her) husband how to do that”, quotes NBC. It prompted the doctor to talk to one of his gynaecologist colleagues to figure out whether or not a spinal cord stimulator could in fact be helpful in treating female sexual dysfunction.

NBC notes that Dr Meloy then conducted a 9-day clinical trial involving 11 women who were experiencing some sort of sexual problems, including difficulty reaching climax. The results were very impressive as 10 out of the 11 women surveyed could climax satisfactorily, the news portal says.

Dr Meloy resonates with confidence that the invention will chart a new horizon in female sexual dysfunction treatment that is currently based on testosterone therapy and testosterone patches (Intrinsa, a product by Procter & Gamble). He expects the new device to hit the shelves of some US pharmacies soon, NBC notes.

Female sexual dysfunction is associated with four primary symptoms, e.g. lack of sexual desire, painful intercourse, trouble reaching orgasm and vaginal dryness. While the new device is expected to resolve orgasmic problems, using Intrinsa patches under medical supervision may be of use for those suffering from low libido as a result of reduced testosterone levels in the body.