Mental orgasms

From I learned to “think off” : Barbara Carrellas claims to be able to think herself to orgasm — and teaches me her tricks by Tracy Clark-Flory

It is important to note that Carrellas employs a broad definition of orgasm and wishes that people would “stop calling orgasm just something that happens when a sex organ is directly stimulated.” She defines it broadly as an “ecstatic experience” and believes one can have “gigglegasms,” “emotion-gasms,” “cry-gasms,” even “anger-gasms.” In an attempt to prove the validity of her claims, Carrellas “thought-off” in an MRA machine on the TLC show “Strange Sex.” Although the show presented the scan as positive proof, Rutgers University researcher Barry Komisaruk, who administered the test, tells me, “We could not get clear imaging data on Barbara because she moved her head violently during her session in the scanner, precluding data analysis.”