Men will only supply what you demand

Ladies, DEMAND What You Want, from The Male Blueprint

I hear a lot of women today complain that there are no real men anymore. Groups of women love to get together and lament about the sad state of the male race.

Stop whining.

Could men as a whole step up their game and bring more to the table? Hell yes they could, but complaining gets you nowhere. Here’s what most people don’t accept.

The current system is perfect.

Our world operates according to the rules of supply and demand. If there is less demand, supply goes down, if there is more demand, supply goes up. Currently, men are supplying exactly as much as women are demanding. If a woman is making most of the money, taking care of the kids and cleaning the house while allowing her man to sit on the couch all day, he is doing exactly what she is demanding of him. Men will only supply what you demand. Conversely, if you challenge your man to become the man you desire and dream about, he or someone else will step into that role and you will be met by the man you really want, not just the man you keep settling for.

I want to say this again because it’s so important. The current system of supply and demand in male-female relationships is perfect, it’s exactly where it should be. Ladies, if you really want men to step up and become the real men you talk about, you must demand it. I’m not saying ask for it, I’m not saying hope for it, I’m saying demand it. What does that mean? It means you don’t settle for anything less. It means if you aren’t satisfied, you walk away. Men will rise up and meet your challenge, I promise, it’s what we do best. We love challenges. We love it when women make us step up and work. We love to do work.

My man doesn’t like to work, he’s not going to step up, he’s too lazy.

Do you know why he’s lazy? He’s lazy because you aren’t demanding more than what he’s giving you. If you were, you would have left him. He’s lazy because you are rewarding his laziness with a relationship.

I understand I should demand the perfect man but what if I don’t believe I’m the perfect woman?

This seems like a catch-22, I understand. What we have to remember is most of what makes us confident, attractive and desirable is what we believe, not what we might consider to be “the facts”. To become confident, you must believe you are confident. How do you believe you are confident if you aren’t confident? You fake it until you make it. In this case, you demand the man you want and what will happen is your brain will start believing that you are the confident, attractive, desirable woman who would demand such a man. At first you faked it, then you start to become it. It all starts with a demand.

What if my demands are so high that I can’t find men to date?

If you do this right, you will have men lining up at your door. It seems counter-intuitive, but you have to understand how much men enjoy challenge. There is nothing sexier than a woman who has the confidence to call us out and challenge us to rise up. The part that you don’t like is the hardest thing about all this. You must be willing you walk away if you aren’t getting what you want. I will say this five more times because it’s that important.

You must be willing to walk away.

You must be willing to walk away.

You must be willing to walk away.

You must be willing to walk away.

You must be willing to walk away.

The moment you walk away and draw that line is the moment you let the universe know it’s time to send you a better man than what you are currently used to. You will get it, but only if you are willing to walk away from anything less.

What if I’m single, do I still walk away if I’m not satisfied?

Hell yes. Don’t waste your time talking to men who are less than what you want. If you find yourself on a date or talking to a man of this lower caliber, challenge him. Be honest and direct. “I was initially attracted to you but since you can’t talk to me for 10 seconds without looking around the bar, I’ve lost interest. Good bye.” Then walk away. Guess what happens to that man after that? He changes. He may not come back and thank you, but he’ll remember that conversation for the rest of his life. When women give direct and honest feedback to men it gets burned in our brains forever and ever. And the best part about all this? You get to do what you’ve always wanted to do – train men to be the way you want! Most women “train” men through nagging or complaining, but now that you’ve learned a method that actually works, you can change the world one man at a time.

Don’t ask for it, don’t hope for it, demand it.