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Adults-only trade show cancelled in B.C. Bible belt

Organizers of an adults-only trade show say they’re cancelling a three-day event that was scheduled to take place in British Columbia’s Bible belt.

The fifth annual Fraser Valley Taboo Naughty But Nice Show was to run at the Abbotsford Tradex at the end of March.

Critics have complained the event has a single-minded focus on sex.

“I think the issue of the distortion, the perversion, the obsession with one aspect of our humanity robs us of the richness of our humanity,” said Gerda Peachey, who ran for mayor in Abbotsford last year.

Organizers say they have experienced a backlash by “Christian fundamentalists” who have accused them of harming family values.

“I’m sure she’s happy today, she feels like it’s a win but I think if Gerda was to look at the bigger picture, which is what a mayor should do, and look at how this impacts the residents of Fraser Valley, it’s not just economic,” said Sean Libin with Canwest Productions Inc.

Libin pointed out there are 80 churches in a small region in the Fraser Valley, and the company wants to be a good community partner.

“Opponents are celebrating the postponement of the show because they were objecting to it on moral grounds. But some feel the cancellation is more the result of financial pressures than religious ones,” he said.

Canwest Productions Inc. also says it can’t secure a roaming liquor license from the city, which allows patrons to carry liquor throughout the show, instead of being restricted to a beer garden.

Canwest Productions Inc. says it will work with its opponents and city officials so the show can return next year.