CBC: In Search of the G Spot

from DOC ZONE on CBC-TV (45:00)

IN SEARCH OF THE G SPOT, A Story of Pleasure and Promise is a joyful and surprising film, with colorful characters, exploring science, sexual liberation, ideological conflicts, and of course … pleasure.

How, in 2011, can there still exist myths around female sexuality? How can an erotic region mysteriously identified as the “G spot” be known to all yet… only a few know its location, its physiology or the story of its discovery? How can the mere mention of this erogenous zone provoke such argument, doubt, and salacious laughter?

IN SEARCH OF THE G SPOT is an investigation into the heart of the fascinating world of scientific sexology, a close-up of the “G” zone.

IN SEARCH OF THE G SPOT is a journey through time illustrated by novel archives and testimony from the main players beginning in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Through this journey, we will come to understand how this discovery became possible, and why it rapidly became a popular success.

IN SEARCH OF THE G SPOT attempts to answer these questions: How did this early-80’s revelation become a media obsession? Has society transformed the G spot into a myth, a tool diverted away from women’s intimacy to serve other people’s interests?

You may think you already know everything about the G spot, that intimate area of a woman’s body… But what, actually, do you know about it? What do any of us know about it? Is it myth or reality? Pure invention or scientific truth?

Together we will relive the true story of the G spot. A documentary entirely dedicated to the epic story of this mysterious erogenous zone, the object of so many fantasies, and of so much controversy.