Becoming the Lover

Dr. Carol S. Pearson’s archetype: Lover

Lover individuals are most fulfilled by building relationships. Naturally appreciative, passionate, and committed, they enjoy creating consensus and motivating others to see and utilize their own special gifts. They’re usually excited and challenged by opportunities to enjoy the richness and fullness of life.

Lover organizations often are very successful at building real partnerships among employees and clients; seeing the possibilities for greater quality of life inside and outside of the workplace; and establishing harmonious ways of working together.

Lover types need to be careful about cliquishness, emotional intrigue/drama, and conflict avoidance.

Subtypes include:

  • Partner/intimate : Forms close bonds; finds ways to make others feel special
  • Harmonizer : Ensures that relationships are harmonious and pleasurable
  • Connector/matchmaker : Brings together people/groups who are well suited
    for each other
  • Aesthete : Appreciates/creates beauty and beautiful environments
  • Bon vivant : Lives life with passion and enthusiasm