Anatomy of the clitoris

The Lady Vanishes: The Case of the Vanishing Clitoris

Published on July 17, 2013 by Robert J. King, Ph.D. in Hive Mind

It’s a mystery worthy of Miss Marple herself. The clitoris vanishes every few generations and then needs to be rediscovered. Sometimes, this rescue from obscurity is to considerable fanfare. Why does this keep happening?


129089-128300First, the clitoris is not a tiny vestigial penis — it is larger than an (unerect) penis and, as I have emphasised, it is also a complex organ with at least eighteen distinct interacting functional parts including muscular, erectile, and sensitive tissues. The nerves in question map to their own specific regions in the female brain’s somatosensory cortex — which is not at all like those of male brains. Nothing like this can be said of male nipples. Second, clitorises do things. They are the seat of female orgasm.