An Ode to Orgasms

An Ode to Orgasms reposted from Clutch Mag online – by Arielle Loren

It’s the way I shake, insides trembling, back arched, sighs released. There’s nothing like an orgasm to remind me of the power of sexuality, our bodies’ relationships to sensuality, and the innate gift of being a woman with a vagina. Female orgasms are God’s gift to women. When pleasured right, we climax harder, longer, and more frequently than our male counterparts. We can feel vibrating energy from our heads to our toes. We simply get more from making love.

I don’t know when women got duped into believing that sex was for men. But there’s enough women sharing their bodies with partners that aren’t invested in the joint experience of sex. These women have become the vessels of male pleasure, vaginal walls gifting bliss without reciprocity as an expectation.

Orgasms are powerful. They relieve stress. They release body tension. They incite moments of happiness. They ripple with strength. They flow softly. Orgasms give us life.

It’s tragic that orgasms have become a mythical occurrence, as the majority of contemporary women rarely experience them. Sex without orgasms is the equivalent of an Earth with no seasons. It’s impossible to appreciate the depth of sexual pleasure without a variety of sensations.

There’s a widespread belief that men are benefactors of female orgasms; that there’s a need for male talent in the bedroom in order for women to experience orgasmic pleasure. A woman’s orgasm is in her hands first and foremost. It’s her openness, willingness, and concentration on feeling the moment and allowing pleasure to flow through her body. She can’t be thinking about shame, hang-ups about her body, and the status of her relationship with her partner. She has to put herself first, blocking out all the noise and voices that make her feel unworthy.

While partner-shared orgasms are excellent, masturbation is the best tool for women to explore their bodies’ orgasmic spots intimidation-free. When there’s no one watching and we don’t feel like we’re under our partners’ gazes, we’re often more open, more willing to see just how far and hard we can let go. We welcome in pleasure, and have room to receive it. We become our sole focus.

The more we orgasm, the more frequently and easily we’ll experience them. When we train our bodies to respond to various sensations, thoughts, and strokes with orgasmic energy, we’ll find sensual bliss as a recurrent gift in our everyday lives.

After letting go of my fears around sex, putting my pleasure first, and experiencing back-to-back orgasms on a regular basis, I’ve found that my stress levels have decreased, and I genuinely feel stronger as a human being. I’ve learned that the power of an orgasm goes beyond a moment of shaking and euphoric energy spreading throughout my body. Its impact lingers. It allows me to reconnect with an aspect of femininity in its most natural state. And it has taught me that some things in life you’ll never master, as I keep learning more and more about the depths of pleasure.