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The Body is a vehicle for reaching Consciousness with the Divine

Excerpts from Albert Mohler, Southern Baptist Leader, On Yoga: Not Christianity The Huffington Post by Dylan Lovan Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler says the stretching and meditative discipline derived from Eastern religions is not a Christian pathway to God. Mohler said he objects to “the idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching […]

Female Viagra Doesn’t Improve Sexual Desire

From LiveScience.com by Jessica Ward Jones After much review and public controversy, the FDA met this week and determined that flibanserin, a new medication that was hoped to be an effective treatment for female sexual arousal disorder, did not significantly improve symptoms of the disorder, and ruled against approving the medication. Female sexual arousal disorder, […]

Orgasm-Seeking Women Find Little Help From Science

From LiveScience.com by Stephanie Pappas For one out of four women, orgasm during sex is an elusive goal. According to a new report, medical science isn’t doing enough to ensure these women find satisfaction between the sheets. The paper, published online ahead of print in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reviews 101 studies on female […]

Uncovering the Truth: Why Women ‘Fake It’

Posted on LiveScience, by Jennifer Welsh, June 6, 2011 Women’s fake screams of ecstasy in bed may have less to do with trying to protect the sensitive egos of their partners, and more to do with a gal’s own personal insecurities and fear of intimacy, new research suggests. Approximately 60 percent of women have faked […]

Female orgasm captured in series of brain scans

From guardian.co.uk, Nov 14, 2011 by Ian Sample The animation will help scientists understand how the female brain conducts the symphony of activity that leads to an orgasm Scientists have used brain scan images to create the world’s first movie of the female brain as it approaches, experiences and recovers from an orgasm. The animation […]

Will the Real Lesbian Please Stand Up?

From SEXIS What You Want It To Be written by by Tinamarie Bernard It wasn’t until a long-time friend confided in her about her a midlife lesbian affair that the author was willing to investigate female sexual fluidity, and not just from a scientific distance — new research suggests a woman’s libidinous nature expands as […]

The Technology of Orgasm

The Technology of Orgasm: “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction by Rachel P. Maines From the time of Hippocrates until the 1920s, massaging female patients to orgasm was a staple of medical practice among Western physicians in the treatment of “hysteria,” an ailment once considered both common and chronic in women. Doctors loathed this […]

Sex and the Vibrator Movie

re-posted from The Better Sex Blog, written by Bat Sheva Marcus I admit it. I have been waiting all my life (okay, maybe just the last 10 years) for someone to make a quality film about the incredibly interesting history of vibrators. Really. I’m not kidding. And finally, someone is doing it. (Well, I can’t […]

TNM: The Women of AMP – Women Are Not Just a Pain in the Ass?

The New Man Podcast hosted by Tripp Lanier Episode 009: The New Man Podcast sits down with the amazing women of the Authentic Man Program as they share a little bit about how women work. We learn how women perceive men and how men can “show up” more fully to experience new depths in meeting, […]

Game Changer: The Vibrator

Listen to the September 6, 2011 episode of CBC’s ‘The Current’ It was the third invention to ever receive a patent. An electrical device ostensibly designed for medical treatment for women in Victorian England. It became known as The Vibrator and revolutionized understanding of women’s sexual needs and sexuality. Featuring segments: The Vibrator – Tanya […]

The Value of Scars

Give me a man who’s been through a couple of good crises and has put some thought into who he is. Most of my friends, single women in their 30s and 40s, seem to be faced with two polarized choices when confronting the dating pool of heterosexual men: either 1) men who are considerably younger, […]